Happiness isn’t found in those that search for it, but rather in those that offer it.

I’m the kind of girl that really would like to resort to her old bubbly ways, but has been broken so many times, that she’s just too shy and scared to. I try to please every body else. I’m finding that it’s really hard to do that. I love my pen. It’s probably my best friend. It does not judge me, it is always there when I need it to be, I can tell all my secrets to it, and we come up with the best poetry together, me and my pen!

What I don’t like about all of these get to know you biographies is that it’s just all bland get-to-know-you questions that people probably already know if they know anything about you at all, so I’m going to do it a little bit differently.

I will never step on a crack on a pavement if my life depended on it, unless I was walking on a brick road. I always put on my pants before my shirt, my right sock before my left, and my right shoe before my left. Always. My makeup is done to perfection every morning. It’s what I spend the most time on. I just get so insecure. It takes me an hour to get ready, and that’s including taking care of my bedroom. I prefer Sprite Zero to Diet Sprite, and the new Zero Monster is amaaazing. My obsession with owls is completely overwhelming, and it totally started before the whole owl craze. I swear.

My favorite quote is from Ghandi. It says “Everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

I don’t follow religion, because I think organized religion is just people following people. But I do follow the one true Jesus Christ and I will call him Savior until the day that I die.

I’m a true dark romantic if my words suit me best.  One would describe me as a the most loving individual and yet the most uncaring person towards myself.  I believe in love everlasting, and that when true love is born, it never truly dies.  It just changes, if need be.  If it seems as if I’m spacing out, I’m probably just thinking.  And it’s probably about something you really don’t have any interest in talking about.  I dream of changing global issues, like fixing fiscal issues, war, food shortages, civil rights issues, and the big questions of life that usually start with the word why.  So as I stare blankly into space pretending to cure cancer, snap your fingers, and I will come back into reality and remember that I am only a girl with a brain and a pen.  And so I write.

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